Elegance for Brunches and Lunches

While dining out with friends and family on special occasions,  don’t miss an opportunity to dress your best and leave your flip flops and gym shoes in the closet.  Take this special occasion to look your best and feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.  You represent yourself, and you also represent your family and friends you are dining with at the restaurant.

On Elegance:

  1. Always dress suitably for the occasion, location, attendees, and activities, if any.  Plan accordingly.
  2. Your shoes should have a medium heel rather than large heel, as it is accepted that you will be wearing them throughout the afternoon.
  3. Always manicure your nails, moisturize, comb your hair, wear makeup, breathe, dress appropriately, and finish with le parfúm et bijoux (perfume and jewelry) prior to departure.

Elegance is derived from the Latin word, eligere, which means, ‘to select’.

Il commence par vous (It starts with you),


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