Gourmet Iced Tea

Cool off this summer with Gourmet Iced Tea.

Iced Tea is something that should always be available in your refrigerator.  Not only is it a much healthier alternative to sodas and juice drinks, it’s too fast and easy to make, to NOT have it available all the time.  I use many kinds of teas found at the local grocer, from tea bags to loose tea.  A little known secret is that any tea will do, it does NOT have to be formulated specifically for ‘Iced Tea’.  A common preconception.

Adagio Teas makes a delicious ‘Citrus Green Tea’ using loose leaves.   These leaves are so fresh, you can really taste the difference.  Using a French Press Coffee Maker to brew loose tea leaves is quick and efficient way of brewing loose tea leaves.  The French Press can double as a Tea maker and a coffee maker. Of course, there are many other ways to brew loose tea leaves if you don’t have a French Press.  Or, you can use tea bags.

Tea bags are the easiest and most convenient way to make gourmet iced tea for the busy person that still wants to have high quality iced tea available at home.  Some of my newest favorite tea bags are from the Lipton Pyramid Collection.  Lipton makes a black tea, which is much more complex than you may expect from a straight black tea.  They also make a delicious Bavarian Wild Berry Tea, and lots of other delicious flavors.  Good Earth makes a great Green Tea, and there are all kinds of teas right in your everyday grocery store that are waiting for you to try them, all for about $1.99/box.

As for storing tea in the refrigerator, I recommend the Rubbermaid 2 Qt. tea carafe from the local grocer, and it only costs $8.  This carafe is elegant, functional, and safe (no leaching chemicals from the plastic).

Directions for Loose Tea using a French Press:
  1. Using a French Press, add 2 heaping tablespoons of loose tea leaves to french press.
  2. Heat enough water to fill to top.
  3. Add water, stir, allow to steep at least 5 minutes.
  4. Press lever down to compact leaves at bottom of French Press.
  5. Pour brewed tea into Carafe or Pitcher.
  6. Add water to top.
  7. Enjoy over ice.
Directions for Loose Tea using other methods (large tea open tea bags, tea brewing balls, or personal tea pot):
  1. Heat water and brew at least 2-3 cups of strong tea using whichever method you use for hot tea – roughly 2 heaping tablespoons of leaves should be used to accomplish the correct strength for 2 Quarts Iced Tea.
  2. Pour concentrated tea into Carafe or Pitcher.
  3. Add water to top.
  4. Enjoy over ice.
Directions for using Tea Bags:
  1. Using a medium sauce pan, fill with water.
  2. Add 3-4 tea bags to water and heat on medium for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Pour brewed tea into pitcher or carafe.
  4. Add water to top.
  5. Enjoy over ice.

It’s really just that easy to have Iced Gourmet Tea everyday.

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