We love to eat.  Good food, around a table of family or friends, really makes the heart sing.  Trying new exotic ingredients, sauces, sautes, all are about the adventure which is life.

Elegance is fading in today’s world.  But it doesn’t have to.  Taking care of yourself, dressing nice, and always looking your best – certainly doesn’t hurt.

And love.  What can I say?  It’s 50% luck right out of the gate.  And even if you get lucky, you still have to work at it.  But, when you do “luck up” and then put a little effort into it…

Staying true to living a simple life of good food, elegance and nurturing true love…that’s what LaCuisineMinuscule is all about.  Get your kitchen together elegantly…

and love will find it’s way.



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