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Tahitian Apple Pie

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Have you ever bought fruit, and for some reason, it just never gets eaten?  Well, here is a perfect example of what you can do with that week old fruit that has lost it’s luster.   I used Gala apples, … Continue reading

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Gourmet Iced Tea

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Cool off this summer with Gourmet Iced Tea. Iced Tea is something that should always be available in your refrigerator.  Not only is it a much healthier alternative to sodas and juice drinks, it’s too fast and easy to make, … Continue reading

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Chicken & Broccoli Stromboli

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Stromboli is similar to Italian pizza, but instead of being flat, the dough is tri-folded around the ingredients.  Typically, when one thinks of Stromboli, they usually confuse it with the more popular Calzone, where the dough is folded once over … Continue reading

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Salads: Easy as 1,2,3

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Who says making a salad has to be work.  Pull a few ingredients from the refrigerator, take care in preparing each ingredient for the salad, and arrange.  It’s really just that easy. Here, I’ve chosen Girard’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, however, … Continue reading

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Hamburgers with Garlic Mayonnaise, Marinated Red Onions & Brie Cheese

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Absolument délicieux! (Absolutely Delicious!) This is one of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever eaten. It’s the complex way the garlic mayonnaise adds depth and compliments the hamburger patties, the more garlic mayo, the better. And the marinated red onions are … Continue reading

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Eggplant Parmesan

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This recipe calls for a technique of salting of the eggplant, also known as purging. Salting the eggplant first will accomplish two things:  enhance flavor while drawing out the water that causes bitter flavors, as well as collapses the air … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls

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Teriyaki Chicken Caesar Salad

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Teriyaki sauce a mixture of soy sauce, sake, ginger, and other flavorings, used in Japanese cooking as a marinade or glaze.  In today’s modern world, you may not always have time to whip up a homemade teriyaki marinade, therefore, it … Continue reading

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Chicken Noodle Soup

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  When someone in your family, a friend, or neighbor is sick, there is nothing that says you care more than making them a fresh pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.   The feeling of being nurtured and loved penetrates … Continue reading

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Southern US Collard Greens

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Collard Greens are an incredible green.  They are a side dish, yet they can hold their own as a salad as well.  They have depth, sweetness, smokiness, and just the right amount of bitterness that complete the journey of saveurs … Continue reading

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